woensdag 19 maart 2014


In my imagination I had done this several times. Just simply erase my blog. Start over again, somewhere else. But every time I thought of that, a giant 'why' was immediately flashing in Neon. Including an XL Question Mark. Why leave behind, what I had built in so many years. With such Diligence. But Fate does not tolerate Doubt, you see. While I casually pressed a few buttons - at 22:45, what are the odds - not with any Intent whatsoever, precipitously my blog Vanished.

Lesson learned. I stay put to Blogger. For now. 
Will you join me again on omstebeurt.blogspot.com
(or on omstebeurt.nl/blog once the redirection is refreshed)

Ta. A lot. 

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Altijd leuk om nieuwe blogjes op Internet tegen te komen
    ik volg meestal blogjes dat te maken hebben
    met thuis, haken, koken en fotografie

    Bedankt voor het delen
    en nog een fijne dag !